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Dancing in Kaplan, LA

Kaplan is the home of country music great Sammy Kershaw and is hardly without a chance for you to dance along to live music – indoors or out!

Kaplan welcome sign

Welcome to Kaplan, Louisiana!

Eat Crawfish in Kaplan LA

Enjoy Kaplan’s range of dining experiences from world famous Cajun dishes at Suire’s Grocery to an afternoon of boiled crawfish.

Cushing Ave in Kaplan, LA

Cushing Avenue sits right in the middle of town and is the home to several local shops and cultural venues to enjoy with your fellow residents and visiting tourists.

Houses in Kaplan, LA

The diversity of Kaplan’s home inventory is only rivaled by its beauty – enjoy scenic living out in the country or a historic home in the heart of the community.

Sunsets in Kaplan LA

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle, but close enough to connect, Kaplan boasts a landscape that’s as unique as it is picturesque.

Mardi Gras in Kaplan, LA

Kaplan's Mardi Gras celebrations capture the excitement with parades and traditions unique to the Kaplan culture.

Kaplan is in the heart of Cajun Country and offers a wide variety of unique culture, outdoor experiences, music and history.

About Kaplan

In 1902, on what was formerly part of a large plantation, the early city of Kaplan was a tent city until the Southern Pacific Railroad connected it to neighboring towns. Kaplan’s present location places it in a pivotal spot, guiding people east and west on LA 14, north to the Interstate on LA 35 and south to the Gulf of Mexico along the same route.

Attractions and Experiences

Kaplan is South Louisiana’s “Gateway to Acadiana’s Coastal Wetlands” and hosts several opportunities for visitors and residents alike to experience the beauty and wildlife you can only see in South Louisiana. Visit the marshland for impeccable sunsets and other sights and sounds. Our part of the world is known for its rich birding opportunities and other ways to enjoy the Sportsman’s Paradise like hunting, fishing, and watersports.

Kaplan is also known for its rich music tradition. It is also the home of country music’s national superstar Sammy Kershaw, and Branson, Missouri icon Cedric Benoit. Just about everyone , young and old, can either play an instrument or belt out a tune that’ll keep your toes tapping and your body dancing.

Located on a landscaped Boulevard, Kaplan’s mainstreet Cushing Avenue, has all the charm you’d expect from a quaint small town, but amenities usually reserved for bigger communities. At the heart of the town is the Musee’ de Kaplan. The museum features displays on the history and culture of Kaplan, including one on the local Mardi Gras celebration hosted by the Krew of Chic a’ la Pie, historical displays on area families and places as well as rotating art exhibits. Patrons engage here during special events like “Coffee and Music”, and the local arts council meets here to celebrate the artisan culture alive in this community’s long-standing arts scene.

Kaplan, smack dab in the middle of Cajun Country, is also home to world renown culinary experiences ranging from all-day stewed local dishes to fresh seafood that can be caught and prepared for you on the same day! You’ll always feel at home here, where our hospitality is unrivaled and our sense of community makes you feel like you’ve always been a part of our family.

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