Louisiana's Culinary Trails

Not long ago, there was a scientific study that ranked Louisiana as the nation’s happiest state. Many reasons likely led to this distinction, but we’re pretty sure our incredible Louisiana cuisine played a role. Bite into a beignet and see if a smile doesn’t break out.

Tease Your Taste Buds

Dive into these visual stories and learn more about Louisiana's culinary culture. 


Louisiana Culinary Trails

Our Louisiana roots run deep inside a culinary wonderland drawn from French, Spanish, African, Sicilian, Caribbean, Irish, German and American Indian cultures. Add a dash of country comfort and a pinch of sophistication, and you’ve got a recipe for the best food on the planet.

We don’t just eat and drink, we plan our lives around the culinary seasons. Just days after the New Year, Mardi Gras season ushers in the arrival of king cakes, followed by months of crawfish boils in the spring, slurping snoballs and cracking crabs in the summer, with football tailgating in the fall and warm gumbo as the weather turns cold. We’re waiting for you with open arms and aprons on, so grab a cold drink and let’s get busy.

See All The Trails

  1. Creole Crescent

    Come taste why New Orleans is lauded for some of the most inventive and delicious food in America

  2. Tammany Taste

    A feast of fresh produce and seafood prepared by culinary icons

  3. Capital Cravings

    Local fare diced with generations of international influences

  4. Bayou Bounty

    Make room for a spicy adventure

  5. Seafood Sensation

    Riding the Gulf waters, Southwest Louisiana brings trails of fresh seafood and boudin

  6. Prairie Home Cooking

    A scenic byway of vintage towns packed with homestyle cooking and dance halls

  7. Red River Riches

    Clear your calendar for an epicurean journey and sample a global menu

  8. Delta Delights

    Grab a map and head for the hills for a feast of southern delights

Start Planning Your Trip

In Louisiana, you’re never far from a memorable meal. You’ll find suggestions for meals and tasty experiences to take your trip to a new level. And, while you’re here, enjoy our libations! Have cocktails in the city where they were created or taste some of the most unique craft beers in the country.