Baton Rouge Government Street and Old Capitol

Baton Rouge

Visit Baton Rouge, Louisiana to experience all the things to do in the capital city. From a hot culinary scene to live music, Baton Rouge offers a unique Louisiana experience.  

Politics is deeply entwined in the culture of Baton Rouge as it is the state's capital; it can be found in the storied past of local dealmakers such as Huey Long, showcased at the Old Louisiana State Capitol and in the political history that is being written now inside the art deco skyscraper that serves as the current capitol. Did you know that the Louisiana State Capitol, at 450 feet high, is the tallest capitol in the United States?

As home to the main campus of Louisiana State University and several smaller colleges, the city buzzes with the energy of youth while holding fast to its traditions in Southern lifestyle and historic sites. LSU's home football games dominate the fall social calendar when fans perfect the art of tailgating and pack the immense Tiger Stadium.

There are so many things to do in downtown Baton Rouge. You will find a revival is underway in the city center, where attractions range from a riverfront casino to the USS Kidd floating museum to the ultra-contemporary Shaw Center for the Arts, which clusters an art museum, gallery spaces, theaters and restaurants in the heart of downtown. 

But the things to do and things to see in Baton Rouge don't stop there! Baton Rouge's culinary scene includes everything from fine dining to traditional Louisiana cuisine, with a range of culinary creativity in between. And, there is a craft beer revolution to match the meals. Be sure to stop by one of Baton Rouge's breweries for a pint.

The next time you're in Baton Rouge, be sure to check out all the fun things to do in the state’s capital.

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