Erath, founded in 1899, is in the heart of Cajun Country, situated about halfway between Delcambre (famous for its sustainable seafood industry) and Abbeville (the Vermilion Parish seat, famous for its Omelette Festival). Erath was named for a Swiss immigrant named August Erath, a prominent businessman, brewery founder and mayor of New Iberia. Though he owned land in present-day Erath and owned an ice factory in nearby Abbeville, he never actually lived in the town that bears his name.

Erath is home to the Acadian Museum of Erath. This museum houses hundreds of years of Acadian (or Cajun) culture, from the arrival of the first immigrants from Nova Scotia in the mid-1700s to the present day. See rare artifacts, read about the history of south Louisiana's farmers and fishermen, and be inspired by the hard-working men and women whose cultural legacy is found throughout the region.

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