Things to Do at the State Fair of Louisiana

Fun for the whole family awaits at the State Fair of Louisiana in Shreveport.

Event dates and times are subject to change. Check official website before travel.

If you're ready for a nonstop, finger lickin’, foot tappin’ good time, head to the State Fair of Louisiana in Shreveport. Dance to zydeco, eat shrimp on a stick, and ride more than 60 carnival rides during the festival. Watch as Shreveport's fairgrounds turn into a circus (literally) of excitement for the entire family. We can’t begin to list everything you can do at the fair, so like our seafood, we boiled it down. Read on for fair fun. 

State Fair of Louisiana Pirate's Parrot Show

The Pirate's Parrot show is a unique treat.

State Fair of Louisiana in Shreveport

The State Fair of Louisiana is full of fun.

Pig Race

Watch thefastest little piggies at the race!

Sea Lions

Be wowed at the Sea Lion Splash Show.

Top 10 Best Things To Do at the State Fair of Louisiana:

1. Hydro Flying Circus: The alluring and electrifying demonstration of water-born flight!

2. Racing pigs: Cheer for your favorite friend and hope they are the swiftest swine during the Hollywood Racing Pigs.

3. Spirited competition: The State Fair of Louisiana State Cheerleading Championship is a dazzling experience for the family. 

4. A rowdy rodeo: The LRCA Finals Rodeo features real cowboys from throughout the state, with more than $140,000 in cash and prizes up for grabs. Check out these feats of skill and strength, where folks showcase lassoing skills and daredevil bull and bronco rides.

5. Paul Bunyan Lumberjack show: Check out the live lumberjack show that is sure to leave you amazed. 

6. A ride of a lifetime: It's as if the Discovery Channel comes alive at the Double Hump Camel Show, featuring Mongolian Bactrian camels — and yes, you can ride them.

7. Live music from 30-plus bands: This year’s diverse roster features local and national touring acts from country, R&B, gospel and rock genres.

8. Carnival rides: Scream with excitement on rides like the Vertigo and Drop Zone, or look over the glowing downtown district on the Ferris wheel.

9. Farmily Feud: Agricultural education becomes fun for the whole family with this unique game show style learning experience.

10. Fair food: Sample an abundance of deep-fried bread pudding; chicken, shrimp or pizza on a stick; cookie dough bites; funnel cakes and lemonade. 

Bonus! Here's one more reason why we love the State Fair of Louisiana: Many attractions and concerts are free with admission, making this a great place to take the family.