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Year of Music

Louisiana's vibrant music is a melting pot of our generations of cultural influences. Join Explore Louisiana as we celebrate the Year of Music!

In 2024, Louisiana is celebrating its year of music. As the birthplace of jazz, Cajun and zydeco, music is one of the defining characteristics of the Bayou State. Louisiana’s also had powerful impacts on blues, country, rock, R&B, swamp pop, hip-hop, gospel – you name it and Louisiana is dancing to it.    

Learn more about Louisiana’s music history, hear it for yourself and find out more about where you can find us as we tour the country celebrating and sharing the sounds of Louisiana.

Louisiana Goes On Tour!

January 1: 135th Annual Rose Parade® - Pasadena, CA  - See photos

February 7: Louisiana Music Celebration - Tivoli Village, Las Vegas

May 17-19: Bayou Bon Vivant - Norkfolk, VA - See photos

May 25-27: Atlanta Jazz Festival, Atlanta

June 6-9: CMA Fest – Nashville, TN 

August 16-18: Philadelphia Folk Festival - Upper Salsford, PA

August 31-September 1: DC Jazz Festival – Washington DC 

September 20-22: XPoNential Music Festival - Camden, NJ

More events to be announced! 

Visual Stories

Listen to music that will get in your bones and never leave. Imagine witnessing a live performance of finger-snapping and foot-tappin' tunes during your stay. Here in Louisiana, we invite you to experience the eclectic sounds that make us who we are.

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