Sugar Cane National Recreation Trail

Shreveport-Bossier City Area
Shreveport - Bossier City Area
Type of Route
5.7 miles

Located in the Caney Lakes Recreation Area, in the Kisatchie National Forest, this trail loops around Caney lake, which has two sections. Upper Caney Lake, is the quieter lake with lily pads and an irregular shoreline. Lower Caney Lake is twice the size, attracts water skiing enthusiasts and is noisier. Visitors can enjoy hiking or biking through a diverse ecosystem, from boggy hardwood bottomland to hillside pine groves to lakeshore views of Upper Caney Lake.

Although in some segments of the trail the terrain is more difficult, generally the trail just gently meanders through the various landscapes. A foot bridge traverses the overflow canal that connects Upper Caney Lake to Lower Caney Lake. The trees and proximity to the lakes make the area very scenic, especially in the fall when the leaves change their colors. You’ll enjoy the rich scenery and abundant wildlife. See Sugar Cane National Recreation Trail or call the Caney Ranger District at 318-473-7160.