Lafayette to Chretien Point Plantation Loop Tour

Lafayette Area
Lafayette Area
Type of Route
48.5 miles

This tour will take you to one of Louisiana's most beautiful plantation homes, Chretien Point. It will also bring you to Grand Coteau and the Academy of the Sacred Heart. This historic school was founded in 1821 and is the oldest school operated by the Religious of the Sacred Heart. It is the site of the miraculous cure by St. John Berchmans of the terminally ill novice, Mary Wilson, the only verified miracle in North America.

Grand Coteau is a picturesque community with many other culturally and architecturally significant structures. Along the way, you can also visit the Church of St. Charles Borromeo. To the rear of the church is a cemetery filled with many old and interesting grave sites that reflect architectural styles ranging from Greek revival to Renaissance revival and Egyptian motifs of the 1870s and ‘80s. Call 337-662-5275 in advance to arrange a tour of the Academy of the Sacred Heart.

Start: Acadiana park on Alexander Street in North Lafayette, the Acadiana Park parking lot.

0.8 Right on Louisiana Avenue.

2.2 Right on Pont de Mouton. Take an immediate left on LaJaunie Road.

4.2 Left on Gloria Switch Road.

5.5 Right on Wilderness Trail.

6.3 Bayou Wilderness Campground & Store. Good stop for drinks and snacks.

6.7 Left on Beau Bassin. Cross bayou and turn right at T.

8.6 Left on Catholique--at dead end sign.

9.8 Right on St. Esprit at T. 11.2 Right at T and stop sign on Hwy. 726.

11.6 Straight ahead on Kidder at Y.

12.5 Left on Brasseaux.

13.8 Right on I-49 Frontage Road.

14.1 Left on Hwy.182. Go under I-49. 14.4 Right on Frontage Road.

15.8 Left on Begnaud Road (near nursery). 17.4 Left at T.

19.1 Right on Hwy. 356.

19.2 Right on Chretien Point Road.

20.3 Chretien Point Plantation.

Start: Chretien Point Plantation to The Academy of The Sacred Heart. Left out of gate at Chretien Point Plantation.

1.8 Right on Robert Daily Road.

3.1 Left on Sunset Strip (Hwy. 93).

3.5 Right on Hwy. 182 and Hwy. 93 in Sunset.

4.1 Left on Hwy. 93.

5.4 Left on Church Street (Hwy. 93) at traffic light in Grand Coteau.

6.5 Academy of the Sacred Heart. Retrace your route back into Grand Coteau & continue on to Lafayette.

Start: Grand Coteau to Lafayette, at the traffic light in Grand Coteau. Left on Hwy. 93 East

0.1 Kitchen Shop.

4.5 Right on Bayou Fuselier road (EASILY MISSED!).

8.6 Left on Hwy. 726.

9.8 Right on Wilderness Trail---just after the bridge.

13.8 Bayou Wilderness Campground & Store.

14.5 Left at stop sign on Gloria Switch road.

16.0 Right on La Jaunie Road.

17.8 Right on Pont de Mouton. Cross bayou then turn left on Louisiana Ave. and go under I-10.

19.4 Left on Alexander

20.2 Acadiana Park.