Culinary Trail Signature Dish: Crab Cakes

Lots of places have crab cakes, but there are none better than the fresh, meaty, Cajun-spiced versions served in Louisiana.

Freshly Boiled Louisiana Blue Crabs

Enjoy the flavors of Louisiana blue crab in our crab cakes!

What are crab cakes?

Most crab cakes are made by blending crab meat with enough breading and eggs to help bind everything together solidly for easier cooking and eating. Not so here. In Louisiana, little filler is used so the crab’s natural flavor shines through. 

Are there different versions of crab cakes?

You bet. There are definitely a few ways chefs add a little extra Louisiana kick to their unique offerings. The holy trinity of onion, celery and bell pepper is occasionally added, as are Cajun seasonings. And while a spicy Creole mustard or hot tartar sauce is commonly served on the side, you’ll also see all manner of classic French and contemporary sauces at different restaurants statewide.

Where can I try crab cakes?

With so much fresh, delicious seafood caught and served throughout Louisiana, you can find great crab cakes in every part of the state. Blue Dog Café in Lafayette is a crowd favorite for their signature crab cake, while Louisiana Lagniappe Restaurant in Baton Rouge blends both lump and claw meat in their version. In New Orleans, Dickie Brennan’s Steakhouse offers a tall crab-packed stack served alongside roasted corn puree, Mr. John’s Steakhouse brings theirs on a sizzling platter and Mr. B’s Bistro adds a classic white ravigote sauce flecked with chopped chervil, chives, tarragon and shallots.