Arcadia, which bills itself as the "Heart of Louisiana's Piney Hills Country," is a small community located in Bienville Parish, exactly halfway between Shreveport and Monroe.
At 368' above sea level, Arcadia owns the record of being the highest city in Louisiana. Accordingly, it's also the nearest city to Louisiana's highest point, Mt. Driskill. The "mountain" — more like a hill — is only 535' high. You can climb (or rather, walk) up Mt. Driskill easily; it's located 15 miles south of Arcadia behind Mt. Zion Presbyterian Church and, while privately owned, is open to the public at no charge.
Arcadia is also a footnote in the story of perhaps the nation's most notorious duo, Bonnie and Clyde. The couple, whose gang was known for its string of robberies throughout the South and Midwest, was killed a few miles west of Arcadia, near Gibsland. Numerous law enforcement officers from Bienville Parish were involved in the ambush. One of them, Sheriff Henderson Jordan, is commemorated with a namesake park in the city.
Arcadia is named for a mountainous region of Greece. The name was chosen in the 1850s, during a time when excavations of Greek archaeological sites were becoming well-known. And Arcadia's not the only Louisiana city name that comes from ancient Greece, either; the towns of Sparta, Athens and Homer are nearby.

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