5 Reasons to Go to Landry Vineyards in West Monroe

There's no better place to be on a North Louisiana Saturday afternoon.

Concert at Landry Vineyards

Enjoy the gorgeous views while listening to live music and sipping Louisiana-crafted wine.

Landry Vineyards in Monroe

Tour the Landry Vineyards and experience the beauty of the grapes on the vine.

Landry Vineyard Wines

Landy Vineyards has a variety of locally grown grapes used to make their distinct and delicious wines.

A Tour of Landry Vineyards

A tour of Landry Vineyards will get you behind the scenes to see where the wine-making magic happens.

Wine at Landry's

Sipping Louisiana-made wine from St. Landry Vineyards

On the edge of West Monroe sits a 20-acre plot of land home to North Louisiana’s only vineyard, Landry Vineyards. Vineyard and winery tours and tastings are just the beginning of the experience at this winery. 

5 more reasons to visit Landry Vineyards:

  1. The Gorgeous Venue. The vineyard itself is stunning. Driving down New Natchitoches Road, there’s a moment when you know you are close and it’s going to be on the left. You watch the road to make sure you don’t miss it, but all you can see are trees. Then suddenly, the trees stop, and the vineyard emerges right before your eyes. You see sprawling hills with rows upon rows of grapevines. It’s breathtaking, and that’s before you get to the concert. The location’s building is modern, cabin-style with red-brown wood contrasting against the green of the grass and vines (note: very green). To order food and drinks like cheese plates, jambalaya and boudin, visit the tasting room or hang out on the patio. The band plays under a pavilion at the bottom of a slight decline, which makes for stadium-style seating and guests bring chairs and blankets. It’s really a lovely place to be.
  2. The Live Music. There something about live music that just makes everything better and these bands are so much fun. They play classic covers like “Mustang Sally” that get the crowd out on the dance floor. Bluegrass and classic rock ensembles have people of all ages cutting rugs like nobody’s business. No rug is safe at a Landry Vineyard’s concert. Check out their concert calendar to see the upcoming bands. 
  3. The Delicious Food. It’s not as well-known as Landry’s wine (we’ll get to that later), but the food they serve is amazing. The owners’ south Louisiana heritage is evident in their menu. Cajun classics like jambalaya and boudin are served alongside delicious cheese trays. Spicy food not your thing? Bring your own picnic dinner to eat. Food tastes more delicious when eaten at a Landry Vineyards concert. They also put their amazing jellies out for tasting, made from the same grapes as the wines. Come hungry!
  4. The Community. Speaking of cutting a rug...well, it’s serious. It’s incredible to see groups of people come together and have fun. You can see families bonding, friends spending quality time together, and couples getting closer. Each August, the vineyard hosts a Blanc du Bois Stomp Celebration. Women dress up as Lucille Ball and recreate the iconic grape-stomping scene from the “I Love Lucy” show. This event embodies the heart of Ouachita Parish—we love to have fun!
  5. THE WINE. From classics like Chardonnay and Merlot to unique flavors like Peach Muscadine and Redneck Red, they have several flavors for every taste. With 15+ wines to choose from, you are sure to find your new favorite. It’s really that good! The wine is served chilled at the concerts but if that’s not cool enough for you, may we suggest their frozen bellinis? They serve them in peach and berry flavor featuring a semi-sweet wine. The result is a delicious, frozen wine slush that almost certainly will be your new favorite drink and have you planning your next several months around available times to go back and get it.

Landry Vineyards’ novelty and uniqueness is only enhanced by these charming and fun concerts. Being at a Landry Vineyards concert is an experience like no other, so plan your trip to Monroe-West Monroe now!