Creole Nature Trail

Designated an All-American Road in 2002, this 180-mile trail was one of the first National Scenic Byways in the Gulf South.


There's no shortage of stunning views along the 180 mile Creole Nature Trail.

Along this distinctive natural corridor through Louisiana's Outback, one of America's "Last Great Wildernesses," you have the opportunity to experience world-famous wildlife habitats and estuaries.

The Creole Nature Trail All-American Road is a journey through a wild and rugged terrain unique to Louisiana, America and the world.  Once the domain of nomadic Indians, the legendary pirate Jean Lafitte, Civil War soldiers and a host of colorful characters who came to find their fortunes in a fertile land, rich in untapped natural resources and boundless opportunity.

Sometimes called “Louisiana's Outback,” the untamed wilderness you encounter along the Creole Nature Trail All-American Road will create lifelong memories.  The recently renovated Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge, complete with animated figures with information and stories, will spark the imaginations of the young and the young at heart.  The Wetland Walkway, located on the Sabine National Wildlife Refuge allows visitors to walk out onto the marsh and see alligators, birds and animals all in their natural habitats.  

Biking is another popular pastime on the Creole Nature Trail. Speed down rural Highway 27 that runs between the villages of Creole and Bell City, through Cameron Prairie National Wildlife Refuge. Cruise through the refuge itself while you’re in the area, and take a side trip down Pintail Wildlife Drive.

Gulf beaches along the Gulf of Mexico offer a treasure trove of shells for the most avid collectors.  You can dig your hands into thousands of mini shells or find unbroken, pearly shells all along the coast.

You'll enjoy hunting, fishing and crabbing in Louisiana’s Outback – the fish are always jumping. Get a fishing guide and load up with your picnic lunch and ice chest, primed for the catch of the day.  You’ll find lots of hot spots – and you can fish year-round!

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