5 Ways to Enjoy King Cake

A drool-worthy roundup of variations for king cake lovers and adventurous foodies.

There’s only so much time to get your fill of king cake each year. You should take advantage of each and every opportunity and seek out new ones! Whether you desire classic, creative, savory, liquid or icy cold we’ve got the ultimate list of where to get your fix all around the state.

Classic King Cakes: 

Haydel’s Bakery, New Orleans - They not only have a traditional king cake but they have them with your favorite style of purple, green and gold topping.  Whether your preference is icing or the classic sugar crystals, here you can take your pick!

Image: @HaydelsBakery

Manny Randazzo vs. Nonna Randazzo, New Orleans - The debate between whose is better has gone back for years and locals are very passionate about which one they prefer.  Try them both, and judge for yourself. The best part is they both ship!

Image: @LouisianaTravel

Delicious Donuts & Bakery, Lake Charles - This bakery has flavors on flavors on flavors. If you can’t find one you like, you’re not doing it right.

Delicious Donuts King Cake

Image: @LandLopers

Creative Styles of King Cake:  

Dong Phuong, New Orleans East - Experience a local favorite of New Orleans with a Dong Phuong king cake! This James Beard Award-winning Vietnamese bakery in the heart of New Orleans East offering traditional baked goods and seasonal staples such as king cakes. Enjoy flavors such as coconut, pecan, strawberry, cream cheese and more!

Dong Phuong King Cake

Image: Dong Phuong Bakery

Lilah’s, Shreveport - Lilah’s may look like a classic on the outside but you can get this cake filled with just about any flavor you can think of AND they have a gluten free option!

Image: @Lilahs Bakery

Brew Ha Ha, Baton Rouge - How about a king cake cake ball?!  King cake just became even more portable! Grab a cake ball and a king cake latte and enjoy!

Brew Ha Ha King Cake Cake Balls

Image: @BrewHaHaBR

Creole Cream Cheese King Cake Ice Cream, Your House! We’ve pushed our test kitchen to the limits and perfected an easy recipe you can make at home! Grab the recipe and let us know how you like it!


Savory King Cake Variations:

Cajun Market Donut Company, Lafayette - Sure you can get just about any sweet treat here but it’s their Boudin stuffed king cake that is a must try!

Image: @Cajun Market Donut Company

Quebedeaux’s Boudin & Cracklins, Alexandria - They claim to be the home of the original boudin king cake, and who are we to argue? Everyone knows you’ve got to try it where it started before judging all others.

Image: @Quebedeaux's

Magic Grill, Monroe/West Monroe - King cake burger? Ok, we’ll bite. Sounds interesting but if it involves king cake how can it not be delicious?

Image: @Magic Grill


Liquid King Cake:

CC’s Coffee, State wide - King cake latte! Get your caffeine fix and your king cake in one, or if you’re that kind of person decaf is always an option.

Community Coffee, Nationwide - You can enjoy a taste of Mardi Gras wherever you are with Community Coffee Mardi Gras King Cake blend in ground coffee or individual serving pods online or at your local grocery store to make at home. 

Image: @CommunityCoffee

Abita, Abita Springs & Grocery stores state wide (select markets nationwide) - King Cake Soda! All the goodness of King Cake in an all-natural soda! Made with Louisiana cane sugar and naturally caffeine-free.

Image: @AbitaBeer