Folsom Spirits Ghost Walking Tours

Spirit Orb of deceased property owner
Spirit Orb of deceased property owner


80475 North Willie Road
Folsom LA 70437

Folsom Spirits offers a ghost tour you don't want to miss if you are on the Northshore. The ghost tour guide shows you proof of apparition and orb photos while you sit around a campfire and listen to true ghost stories that happen on the property. This lantern guided ghost tour is located on a twelve acre tree farm. The Folsom Spirits ghost tour is a walk through mystical groves of oak and crepe myrtle trees into the unknown. The ghost tour is slightly lit with tiki torches along the walking paths and into the oaks. The ghost tour is approximately two hours of fun and excitement as you walk and take photos. You may also get lucky and get some photos of apparitions. We were able to see into the spirit world through our photos and experiences on this property and we wanted to share this with everyone interested in the paranormal.


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