Gnarly Barley

Hammond Brewery
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1709 Corbin Road
Hammond LA 70403


  • Tours Available
  • Family Friendly
  • Pets on Leash Allowed
  • Private and Special Events

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Gnarly Barley has a knack for creativity and bending the rules of brewing when it comes to flavor profile with their flagship beers The Catahoula Common, Radical Rye P.A., Jucifer IPA and Korova Milk Porter found on taps across southeast Louisiana.

The Catahoula Common is a refreshing, drinkable beer that’s great for the hot and humid Louisiana summers but also has enough character to drink year-round. An India Pale Ale, the Radical Rye P.A. lives up to its name by slapping you in the face with its spicy, hoppy goodness. It finishes a little sweet with a nice malty backbone to balance the hops and keep you coming back for more—radical indeed. Jucifer is dry-hopped with massive amounts of Citra and Mosaic hops for a truly delicious treat. Flavors of tropical papaya, mango and grapefruit wash over your taste buds, while the Korova Milk Porter brings silky smooth coffee and chocolate notes.

At the brewery, you can try out some truly wild concoctions in their limited-release beers.