Tee Don’s Rubboards


385 Sandpiper Place
Sunset LA 70584
“Tee Don” Landry is famous for his Key of Z Rubboards. The frottoir, a wearable rubboard that is synonymous with zydeco music, was popularized by King of Zydeco Clifton Chenier and Cleveland, his brother who played that first rubboard masterfully. The story goes that in 1946, Chenier came to Willie Landry, Tee Don’s father and a Cajun metal craftsman, with the plans for the frottoir. Now at his shop in Sunset, Tee Don practices his father’s craft and is the reason the town is touted as the Rubboard Capital of the World. On his website, you can purchase one of his rubboards or even have one custom-made. Set up a time to visit his shop and see the process for yourself. Each one of his rubboards is numbered and registered, even the mini ones meant for decoration.


General Information
  • Tours Available
  • Family Friendly
  • Free Admission