Loggy Bayou Wildlife Management Area


1401 Talton St
Minden LA 71055

Loggy Bayou WMA lies between Loggy and Red Chute Bayous and Lake Bistineau in the Red River Alluvial Valley in northwestern Louisiana. The WMA is one of the few remaining bottomland hardwood areas in northwest Louisiana. 

Today, dominant tree species are hackberry, ash, elm, honey locust, pecan, and overcup, water, willow and nuttall oak. LDWF plants several hundred acres of the open fields and forested areas in pecan and nuttall, water, and cherrybark oak seedlings. The understory consists of red haws, rattan, trumpet vine, and dewberry. In the field areas, the main understory species are poison ivy, vetch, and fescue along with hardwood and honey locust sprouts. Every year, LDWF fallow disks or plants wildlife openings on approximately 50 acres.

Activities and Amenities: hunting & trapping, fishing & boating, camping, birding.