NOLA Tropical Winery


500 Port of New Orleans Place Suite #144
New Orleans LA 70130

Our wines are fine works of the vintner's art created from hand-selected berries, citrus, and tropical fruits. Awarded multiple gold, silver, and bronze medals in international wine competitions, our wines are unequaled in taste, clarity, bouquet, and versatility.

Because our fruit wines are not made with grapes, they do not contain tannic acid, a compound created from the skin of grapes. This means no acid reflux, no bitter taste, and no nasty wine hangovers!

In addition to our fabulous wines, we also offer a full line of high-quality wine accessories, artwork by award-winning New Orleans artists who create works that reflect the deep culture and history of the city, as well as gift baskets, gift cards, and a selection of native treasures for any occasion.