Yellowfin Vodka Distillery

Yellowfin Vodka Distillery Photo
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1716 E. Burton St.
Sulphur LA 70663

Yellowfin Distillery produces top-quality vodka in a part of Lake Charles, Louisiana, an area that is perhaps best known for charter boat fishing adventures and abundant seafood. Over time, though, it’s also gaining a reputation for its culture and innovation, and Yellowfin Distillery is thrilled to be a part of that.

Yellowfin sources ingredients locally, using homegrown sugar from Gramercy, Louisiana. There are no post-distillation additives or sweeteners. The filtration, distillation and packaging takes place in-house at Yellowfin’s headquarters in the town of Sulphur (next door to Lake Charles).

You can taste the quality for yourself by visiting Yellowfin Distillery’s tasting room, where you’ll receive complimentary tastings and tours.