Spokesman Professional Bicycle Works


1848 N. Causeway Blvd.
Mandeville LA 70471

The Spokesman opened in 2002. The aim of The Spokesman is to be a hub of cycling life and social gathering, our commitment to cycling as transportation and utility, as well as fun and fitness. To serve the bike community is our job, but to introduce people to the joy of the bike is our mission. To meet your needs and help create an optimal riding experience, for a lifetime of cycling and fitness for you and your family. Beyond the retail box, we aim to serve the bike community. We strive to help customers who desires un-intimidating professional help in determining the correct size, type of bicycle and equipment.


• Bikes for leisure, family, kids, EBikes, racers, triathlete, trail rider & commuter

• Service by pros to keep your bike tuned to perfection

• Parts/gear for speed, function & style 

• Apparel and accessories for performance, comfort & fashion

• Nutritional needs for your training

• Bicycle Fitting


General Information
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