Visit Louisiana's Pick-Your-Own Farms

The freshest, sweetest berries are ready for picking! Bring the kiddos and have a family fun day.

Pick Your Own Blueberries at Blue Harvest in Covington

Its fun for everyone in the family at Louisiana's pick-your-own-farms.

Blueberries ripen on the vine at Blue Harvest Farm in Covington, Louisiana

Blueberries ripen on the vine, ready for you to pick!


Blueberries are an abundant crop

While Louisiana’s farmers markets are great spots for picking up fresh, locally grown fruits and veggies, so are our pick-your-own farms — especially in the summer

Top Tips for Pick-Your-Own Berry Farms

  • Always call the farm in advance to inquire about hours and make sure the produce is prime for harvesting. Some pick-your-own farms post updates on crops and farm conditions on their websites or Facebook pages. Also ask if baskets and other picking supplies are provided. 
  • Remember, you’re visiting a farm, so dress appropriately. Wear closed-toe shoes, loose clothing and a hat. Pack your sunscreen too. 
  • When you arrive, ask the owners for tips on selecting ripe fruit and how to store your harvest when you get home. They can tell you how to select ripe fruit and how to store and freeze your harvest once you get home. They may even have some recipes to share.
  • Louisiana’s farms most often offer you-pick strawberries, blueberries and blackberries. Growing seasons for these berries vary throughout the state, but April is typically prime time for strawberries, with blueberries and blackberries following from March through June.

8 of Louisiana's Top Pick-Your-Own Berry Farms

1. Cross Creek Blackberry Farm

Deep in the hickories of Catahoula Parish — Aimwell, to be exact — Cross Creek Blackberry Farm produces fresh, ripe blackberries for the picking. Their season peaks in June, and the farm welcomes families to make fun summer memories together. 

2. Indian Village Harvest Farm

Indian Village Harvest Farm in Calhoun is the only U-Pick strawberry farm and commercial strawberry operation in North Louisiana. Head over to pick fresh berries and enjoy other treats like chocolate dipped strawberries, strawberry ice cream, jams, jellies and fresh produce.

3. Landry-Poché Farm

Founded in 1926, the family-run Landry-Poché Farm in Holden is in the heart of Louisiana’s strawberry farming region of Tangipahoa and Livingston parishes. Landry-Poché Farm is all about the community, hosting field trips for local students who, bucket in hand, can do some berry-picking for themselves. Out-of-towners are welcome to grab a bucket as well, and wander through the fields to find some of the freshest strawberries around. Landry-Poché Farm is home to the 2013 Strawberry Festival king, farm namesake Mark Landry.

4. Louisiana Herbs

Located on the historic Breston Plantation in Riverton, Louisiana Herbs grows a wide array of organic herbs. Choose from traditional herbs, like sage, thyme and basil, to other plants like catnip, patchouli and stevia. Purchase fresh cut herbs or live plants to enhance your recipes. 

5. McCain’s Family Farm, L.L.C.

McCain's Family Farm is located in the tiny town of Ringgold, in north Louisiana. Explore the five acres of blueberries, bucket in hand, and pick some of the plumpest blueberries you’ll find anywhere. The season begins in late May and continues through mid-July, which, fortunately for visitors, is a wonderful time weather-wise to visit the region. McCain’s family farm is open seven days a week during blueberry picking season. While you’re there, you can get more than blueberries — honey from bees that live on the farm is offered for sale.

6. Mrs. Heather's Farms

At Mrs. Heather's Farms in Albany, visitors of all ages will enjoy a walk through the Strawberry Patch to pick their own strawberries to take home. When you come to the farm, you'll also get to enjoy all the fun activities that Mrs. Heather has set up for you! 

7. Ridemore Farm Horse Boarding & Berry Picking

In Covington (just a short drive from New Orleans) visit Ridemore Blueberry Farm to pick blueberries, blackberries, figs and an assortment of veggies. Stay for a picnic in the shaded picnic area and visit farm animals.

8. 3D Blueberry Farm

Just outside Franklinton, head to the 3D Blueberry Farm where you’ll find long rows of spectacular blueberry bushes. Visitors are welcome to pick their own during open hours.