Louisiana Motorsports Crank Up the Fun

Louisiana's motorsports, from car and kart racing to mud bogging, are sure to get your motor running.

NOLA Motorsports

Feel the need for speed?  Head to NOLA Motorsports Park and go for a thrill ride.

Ferrari NOLA Motorsports Park
Bring your own car on open track days or participate in kart racing with rentals at NOLA Motorsports Park.

Sure, you’re a responsible driver — you use your turn signal, yield to pedestrians and keep an eye on the speed limit — but sometimes, you just want to see what she can do. 

Catch a Thrill at NOLA Motorsports Park and Xtreme Xperience

You can do just that at the NOLA Motorsports Park. That’s right, anyone with a car who meets the track’s age, licensing and safety requirements can go for a thrill drive during the park’s Open Track Days. Ride a motorcycle? There are Open Track Days for those too! Don't have the car for it? Xtreme Xperience offers year-round supercar driving experiences with no speed limits. Their fleet includes a Ferrari 458 Italia and a Lamborghini Huracan.

Go Kart Racing

One of the NOLA Motorsports Park's most popular features is kart racing. In fact, they have the largest karting track in the country. With more than 1.4 miles of track, the park can host up to three karting events simultaneously. Their “Arrive & Drive” rental karting is for anyone 52 inches or taller (a waiver is required for drivers under 18). The 10-minute racing sessions can be pretty intense, but once you’ve mastered the course, join one of the park’s competitive karting leagues. Check for hours of operation before karting and learn about seasonal availability. 

Mud Bogging

The need for speed can be quite addictive, but there’s another popular Louisiana motorsport that’s all about power — mud bogging.  This down and dirty sport draws a good-time crowd who bring their trucks, Jeeps, four-wheelers and more to power through a messy, muddy pit without getting stuck.

Each year, thousands of folks head to Colfax for Louisiana Mudfest, a 400-acre park with plenty of mud and lots of room for families to camp and fish. The former cattle farm turned mud pit has graced the likes of CMT, the Travel Channel and the Outdoor Channel. Aren't ready to ride? Kick back and watch everything from Jeeps to lawnmowers race through the course.

Mud Bogging Festivals

About an hour and a half west of Colfax, near the beautiful Toledo Bend Lake, the town of Zwolle hosts a mud bogging event during its annual Tamale Fiesta each October and Loggers and Forestry Festival each spring.  Mud pits on the festival grounds are open to the public.  Nearby Negreet, also hosts MTM Mud Truck Madness Mudfest each Good Friday.

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