Kite Fest Louisiane

The skies above West Baton Rouge Parish fill with colorful sails for Louisiana’s only kite festival.

Kite Fest Louisiane

Kite Fest Louisiane is fun for the young and young at heart!  Bring the whole family for food, fun and flying.

If you’re told to “go fly a kite” this spring, don’t take it as a directive to scram. Consider it an invitation to one of Louisiana’s top festivals.

Named "Festival of the Year" by the Louisiana Travel Promotion Association, Kite Fest Louisiane brings professional kite fliers and hobbyists alike to Port Allen in West Baton Rouge Parish in early April. Colorful sails of all shapes and sizes—including a 100-foot octopus—will soar, loop and dive as more than 10,000 onlookers take in the beautiful kite ballet over the weekend.

During the day, visitors to this free, family-friendly event can watch teams from around the country fly two- and four-line stunt kites, take in the kite display, buy a kite of their own and sample Louisiana cuisine from on-site vendors.

Children will enjoy the design-a-kite contest and the promise of a candy shower, as kites drop sweet treats for the kids as they fly overhead.

Indoor kite flying is back and Kite Fest Louisiane features night flying, weather permitting. Kites affixed with LED lights will dance across the sky.

For more information on Kite Fest Louisiana, visit the West Baton Rouge Convention & Visitors Bureau.