Five Experiences for Swamp People Fans

Fans of the hit History Channel show "Swamp People" will find these Louisiana experiences give them a taste of life on the swamp.

Swamp People Troy

Experience Louisiana the way Troy Landry does from the hit TV show, Swamp People.

  1. See the swamp from a whole new perspective. Southern Seaplane in Belle Chasse offers air tours that give you a bird’s eye view of our bayous. Their three-hour Cajun Heritage Tour starts off with a pass over New Orleans’ French Quarter and then takes you to the picturesque wilds of Bayou Barataria. Later, go from plane to boat for an up-close view of the region’s animal life.
  2. Hold a live gator. In Swamp People Season 2, Terral Evans snatched gators out of the water with his bare hands. Are you brave enough to do the same? If so, head to Greenwood Gator Farm in Gibson. Okay, so it’s not quite the same, but here you can safely hold a gator for a photo op and take a guided tour to see gator hatchlings and giants. Pick up a gator head as a souvenir while you’re here.
  3. Fall asleep to the sounds of the swamp. In Henderson, McGee’s Landing offers Cajun cabin rentals by the shores of the Atchafalaya, the country’s largest river swamp. The rustic cabins have no phones or televisions, but do have screened porches where you can sit and hear the song of the swamp. McGee’s also has a restaurant and swamp tours on the property.
  4. Become an honorary Cajun. By the time you’ve finished the Deluxe Cajun Immersion Tour from Pastor Brothers Cajun Excursions in Lafayette, you’ll swear your family tree has roots into Acadiana. This tour truly lets you explore so many facets of the Cajun way of life. Take a trip to a boudin shop, learn to peel crawfish, eat a lunch of local specialties, take Cajun dance lesson and learn about the area’s nature and history.
  5. Do the Alligator Shuffle. When Swamp People’s Troy Landry shoots a big gator, he breaks out into the Alligator Shuffle (just see Season 1). You’ll be in the dancing mood, too, when you attend the Sunday Fais-do-do at Vermilionville Living History Museum & Folklife Park. A fais-do-do is a Cajun dance party similar to the parties you've seen on the show when the hunters celebrate a successful hunt. Don’t worry if you don’t know the dance steps or have a partner. A local will be happy to stand in and teach you. Get a quick Cajun language lesson.