Guide to Kayak Fishing in Louisiana

Kayak fishing in Louisiana's coastal areas is unique way to access big fish that boat or shore fishing can't reach.

Kayaking in louisiana

You'll get a whole new view on fishing when you try kayak fishing in the shorelines and marshes around Louisiana.

Anglers wanting to stretch their arms and get out the fly rod should consider kayak fishing in the saltwater marshes along the coastal areas of Louisiana. It’s a different take on beach or shore fishing and allows the angler to get a unique position in areas that are not easily accessible.

Use this guide with some tips for the best gear to use while kayak fishing:

Location: The coastal areas of Louisiana around Hwy. 1 and Grand Isle can be perfect for wrangling in redfish and speckled trout. Try to time your trip to so your fishing is taking place during a tide change, preferably the tide going out. Fishing is best in moving water and as the natural bait is washed out, fish will be waiting in the channels—that’s when you cast in a line!
Gear and bait: Your gear can make or break a successful fishing trip. Either fly rods or spinning rods with a minimum of 8-pound line are great for kayak fishing. Head to a local bait shop to stock up on some essentials like jig heads and plastic baits with furry tails. Just make sure to cast your line and work the bait back along the bottom of the marsh.

Kayak Fishing Safety Tips

  • Be aware of the tide! If it’s receding, you could easily get stranded. Sometimes the water can drop out of a pond or marsh area very quickly.
  • Be aware of your location and surroundings. The landscape can change quite dramatically between high tide and low tide. So keep a good bearing on your location and be observant of water levels.
  • Bring lights for your kayak. If you are fishing in channels at dusk or dawn, keep your boat well lit so that other boaters can see you.