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Lieutenant Governor Billy Nungesser and the Louisiana Office of Tourism are updating the Louisiana African American Hertiage Trail. Throughout the three centuries since people of African descent first arrived in Louisiana, they have made great contributions to the state. From the early introduction of the African technologies of rice and indigo cultivation, and metalworking; to the preservation and creolization of African musical, linguistic, and culinary traditions that distinguish so much of what is celebrated about Louisiana today; to military acts that determined the political fate of the land; to artistic and literary creations; to the invention of the multiple-effect evaporator for sugar refining; to the fine building craftsmanship that holds together and enlivens the state’s architecture; to the election of the first African American governor in the U. S; to the invention of the sugarcane-planting machine, the Louisiana African American Heritage Trail is being updated to tell these stories and many others.

If you are already listed on the Louisiana African American Heritage Trail, please take the opportunity to complete this form to update your listing and expand on stories about your site. Part of the project includes collecting archival photos, video and film footage. It would great to know what is available at your site for us to use on the Louisiana African American Heritage Trail website.

Sites must be significant and accessible to view as a tourist attraction. It is preferred that sites offer interpretation, guided or self-guided tours, have regular hours, have a website promoting the site and promotional materials promoting the site as a tourist attraction.

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